About US

ICC International Consulting
Company was established in 1997 in order to contribute  to the development of our country's economy increasing companies' national and international competitive capacity.  It aspires to progress as a Turkish consulting company internationalized and also institutionalized abroad, not just in our country.
It has collaborated with the EU's and Asia's leading consulting and training companies and has worked together in a very important project in line with this purpose, since the day it was established. It also took steps of internationalization with it's representatives in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and New York. 
ICC ,adopting the principle of continuous improvement in service quality, industry has gained a stable place in the leadership race and also has offered consultancy services to more than 150 organizations in the private and public sectors. 
ICC international , is  a consulting company having a high opinion of knowledge and experience, committed itself to serve with global standarts. Many of our staff have acquired a lot of experience in international and countrywide projects and have developed their competence in supervision, assessment and consulting.
ICC, has adopted to comply with what "professional standarts and ethical behavior of undertakings" has been declared and accepted by International Management Consulting Institute Council (ıcmcı-www.icmci.org) and the Management Consultants Association of Turkey (the ydd-www.ydd.org.tr)  . 
It is a company with successful practices at consultation of Turquality program, as an authorized consulting company of Turquality. Within this scope, assist has been provided at the period of Turquality process approval.